Language Certification Recognition

The student who intends to apply for the recognition of a language certification as an alternative to the internal exam for curricular languages or as additional course, also with reference to extracurricular languages for which there is no internal exam, must follow the new procedure described below:

1. Verify that the certification to be recognized respects the defined parameters, specifically that:

  • the certification is listed in the ones recognized by Bocconi (see list of certifications and conversion tables below)
  • the certification can be verified online
  • the certification is of a level equal to or higher than required level. Please check information on curricular languages ​​and levels in the “Foreign Languages” chapter of the Guide to the University of your Study Program and the rules available in the Rules section)

Moreover, the language certification recognition request must be submitted within 3 years after the date of the certification test (2 years for TOEFL; IELTS can be recognized from two years from the original test date even when it is an "IELTS One Skill retake" certification; the Goethe Zertifikat can be recognized only if the four skills have been taken on one single date or across one year. In any case, the certification recognition request must be submitted within 3 years after the 1st module test sitting date, in the event the certification has been completed in different dates).

2. Check the grade by consulting the tables available on below link:

3. Submit the language certification recognition request:

exams can be recorded on the transcript starting in the enrollment in the year of studies the language subject of recognition is positioned in by filling out the application via the “Language certification recognition” procedure available on the yoU@B “Language Center” widget.

In the language certification recognition procedure, it is possible to download (in pdf format, no larger than 2MB):

  • a scan of the certificate, or
  • the statement of results, or
  • a screenshot of the online results, also including student's name and surname, certification test date and certification reference code.

4. Wait for the reply by the Language Center which will indicate the outcome of the application submitted through the above-mentioned procedure.

It is specified that the student has the responsibility to carefully check the recognized certifications and rules for conversion, before submitting certification request of recognition.

Submitting a certification request of conversion DOES NOT IMPLY that the application will be accepted by the Language Center.

If the conversion request via the “Language certification recognition” procedure has been completed correctly and has been accepted, the grade out of 30 (or PASS for the Professional English Seminars) resulting from the conversion will be recorded indicatively within 10 working days than the request date (the date of recording will correspond to the date of submission of the complete and correct request).

With reference to any institutional or application deadlines (for which students must request information to the relative Services), we suggest to submit the request of recognition of the language certification with the adequate time of 10 working days before the deadline for registering exams to be considered for the relating application.


Instructions to submit the request of recognition of a language certification for students enrolled in former cohorts (before the 2014-15 cohort in BSc Programs and CLMG and before 2018-19 cohort in MSc Programs)