e-Learning and technology research

LTCC (the Learning Technology Competence Centre) is the technology research and services office established by ICT in 1999 to support and spread the use of e-learning platforms. LTCC also contributes to the implementation of multimedia teaching projects of general interest to the University.

LTCC makes its skills and technological knowhow available to both the Faculty's courses and SDA Bocconi initiatives. It also supports the continuous training of personnel organized by Human Resources.

This office provides support services to students and participants via email. It assists faculty members through personalized training on the technological potential of platforms. It is also in charge of activities related to the scheduling and management of access to online courses.

The virtual learning environment
Bocconi University uses the BBoard e-learning platform to support the University's educational activities, accessible at the address blackboard.unibocconi.it through university credentials.

Faculty members and students can access a virtual teaching environment which, thanks to the use of innovative teaching methods, allows them to create, manage and follow lessons and courses interactively with the help of discussion blogs, videoconferencing, tests, online assessments and more.

Furthermore, in each course present in the platform, additional tools and features are integrated and available for:

  • scheduling, creating and recording videoconferences, webinars and individual meetings remotely (Blackboard Collaborate Ultra);
  • preventing plagiarism and encouraging the correct citation of resources in assignments (SafeAssign);
  • creating and sharing videos of any type, with the opportunity to track user views by user or create video quizzes (Kaltura);
  • assigning the textbooks required for each course (EGEA Content Catalog);
  • using the learning platforms of the leading textbook providers (Pearson and McGraw-Hill);
  • carrying out tests with advanced mathematical questions (WIRIS Quizzes - currently under development).

Other useful tools for teaching and research that are not yet integrated into the platform:

Videoconferences Service
The ICT Learning Technology Competence Centre staff is available to support you in the use of videoconferences for your work, teaching and research needs.