Buildings and Classrooms

Bocconi is continuously growing as a metropolitan campus. 
Both its historic buildings and new spaces are integrated into the urban fabric to create a lively city environment, reverberating with university life. 


Office and Classroom Buildings
1. Via Röntgen building 
2. Piazza Angelo Sraffa 13 building 
4. Piazza Angelo Sraffa 11 building 
5. Piazza Angelo Sraffa 15 building 
6. Piazza Angelo Sraffa 6 building 
7. Via Ulisse Gobbi 5 building 
8. Via Ulisse Gobbi 1 building 
9. Via Roberto Sarfatti 25 building 
10. Via Roberto Sarfatti 10 building 
11. V.le Toscana 30 building 


A.Bligny Residence 
B.Bocconi Residence
C.Javotte Residence 
D.Isonzo Residence 
F. Spadolini Residence 
G.Dubini Residence 
H.Castiglioni Residence 


All Gender Restrooms on Campus
There are all gender bathrooms open to everyone in the following buildings:

  • Sraffa 11, ground floor
  • Sraffa 13, 2nd floor
  • Röntgen, 3rd floor
  • Röntgen, Aula Magna
  • Sarfatti 10, 2nd floor, Masters building
  • Sarfatti 25, 4th floor
  • Library, ground floor