Current students

Bocconi has consistently invested in high quality and effective services and infrastructures designed to enrich students' experience throughout their years at the University.  
Now that you are a full-fledged Bocconi student, don't forget to keep your immigration status updated and learn more about Bocconi Career Services and Bocconi Student and Campus Life.  

If you are a NON-EU student, remember that you need to keep your immigration status updated. Please find more information on how to renew your Permit of Stay here.

ATTENTION! To renew your Permit of Stay for studies purposes you will need to get your Official Academic Transcript (for immigration purposes) certifying that at least one exam has been successfully passed for the 1st renewal and at least 2 exams have been successfully passed for each subsequent renewal of the residence permit, except in circumstances beyond one’s control.  
This certificate can be requested by using cert@B procedure available in the yoU@B Diarry > Certificates.  
The procedure for the issuance of the certificate generally requires 4 working days, therefore students are advised to submit their request in good time before the appointment date. 

Bocconi develops and maintains relationships with Italian and international companies and institutions, fully supporting and helping graduates as they ease into the job market. 

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As clarified in the INL note of 14 February 2022, the permit for study reasons allows for all the curricular traineeship activities (internships) envisaged by the course of study or professional training for which the residence permit was issued. Since the traineeship does not constitute an employment status, the limits stated by the law for performing work activities do not apply (paragraph below). 


Foreigners who hold a residence permit for study purposes may work to provide for themselves.  In the case of subordinate work, the law (art. 14, par. 4, DPR  394/99) requires that the work shall not exceed 20 hours per week, which may also be cumulated over fifty-two weeks (namely, the part-time can be either “vertical” or “horizontal" so you can work either 20 hours per week for 12 months or up to 40 hours per week for 6 months) considering that the annual limit is 1,040 hours. This is because studying should be the prevalent activity of the foreigner. In any case, you must remember that your work contract cannot exceed the duration of your student permit. 

Job Seeking Permit (Permesso Attesa Occupazione) 

The Job Seeking Permit allows non-Europeans, holding an accredited undergraduate/graduate degree, Ph.D. or university “master”, to remain in Italy for a period of 12 months and look for a job. 

You can switch your Permit of Stay for study reasons to a Job Seeking Permit (Permesso Attesa occupazione) starting the process 2 months before your current permit of stay expiration date. 

Here below you can find the steps to follow. 


Two months before your current permit of stay expiration date, submit the following documents to requesting for D.I.D.: 

  • Passport copy 
  • Visa copy 
  • School’s Enrollment letter 
  • Current Permit of Stay copy 
  • Fiscal code 
  • M15 Form duly filled out and signed 

The appointed office will take some 5-10 working days to process your request and provide you with the DID number - keep monitoring your email! 


Once you have received the DID number, apply for the Job Seeking Permit using the "yellow" residence permit application kit available at post offices. 

ATTENTION! This kind of permit allows recent graduates to legally live in Italy while searching for a job for maximum 12 months after their graduation. You must get a job by that time, it is not possible to extend this kind of permit. 

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