Through its architecture and urban planning, the Bocconi campus expresses the University’s cultural vision. It features both innovation and avant-garde thinking, as well as an international focus that Bocconi shares with the city.

The University’s relationship with the city follows a unique model. The campus is fully integrated into the urban fabric and is just a 10-minute walk from bustling downtown Milan.

Each campus building is the work of important architects and is intended as an integral part of the city, prompting not only urban change, but also socio-economic evolution in the surrounding area.

Francesco Billari, Rector
I like to think of our campus as the "Fabbrica del Duomo", a typically Milanese idea: like Milan’s Duomo, it will never really be "completed", because such a marvel constantly needs small or big renovations allowing it to maintain its identity forever. This is exactly why, despite having recently completed construction on a gorgeous part of campus south of Via Sarfatti – composed of SDA Bocconi buildings, a residence hall, the Bocconi Sport Center and a public park – our campus is not yet done, and never will be.

Past and Present Together

All campus offices, classrooms and services are permanently gathered around the area near our oldest building


Via Sarfatti building constructed

The Campus’ First Home for Books and Events

Designed by Giovanni Muzio and his son Lorenzo to house the Library and the former Aula Magna


Via Gobbi 5 building constructed

A New Classroom Building for Our Students

Informally called the “Velodromo” due to its oval shape, the building was designed by Ignazio Gardella


Piazza Sraffa 13 building constructed

A Crystal Heart for Milan

A project by the Irish firm Grafton Architects, in particular Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, the building on Via Roentgen hosts our faculty and the Aula Magna


Via Röntgen 1 building constructed

We Are Open

With an Opening Ceremony attended by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the new campus area includes the Castiglioni Residence, the Bocconi Sport Center and SDA Bocconi’s new headquarters


opening of the new campus area

Imagine Your New Life