Terms and Conditions of Use


1. Purpose

1.1 This document describes the general management conditions of Università Bocconi's wireless (WiFi) service.

1.2 The service is free, without fees or installation costs for the user of the service; it should be noted that the cost of technical equipment necessary to access the service is at the expense of the user.

1.3 At the time of the service's first use, the user declares to expressly accept and to have closely read all terms and conditions of use of the service as indicated explicitly in the present document.

2. User Obligations

2.1 The user agrees to not allow third parties to utilize the service for any reason. Users agree to assume responsibility for the conduct online of third parties according to this agreement. Users will not release this agreement to third parties, free of charge or at a cost, temporarily or permanently, without the express consent of Bocconi.

2.2 The user agrees to not use the service for communications that could cause damage to or disturb the network, to third parties or that violate laws and regulations in force. In particular, listed here only to exemplify and not comprehensively, the user agrees to not use the service to publish material on the internet in violation of royalties or other intellectual or industrial property rights.

2.3 The user agrees to:

  • use the service for institutional and personal ends for which it was granted, in particular agreeing to not use the service for commercial purposes other than the University ones;
  • not send advertising or promotional messages via email or communications to other users and/or discussion groups without proper consent being issued or without receiving an explicit invitation to do so (spam);
  • not transfer large amounts of data, if not absolutely necessary;
  • not violate confidentiality rights and the privacy of personal correspondence;
  • not use ad-hoc networks or other tools (e.g. sniffer) within coverage areas that could negatively influence network performance or violate the privacy rights of other university users;
  • respect netiquette in use on the internet, standardized in the document known as "RFC 1855";
  • respect the University and the Scientific Research's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the Rete Italiana, commonly named la rete de GARR;
  • respect the rules and operational indications distributed by Bocconi;
  • not transmit materials and/or messages that encourage third parties to behave with illicit conduct and/or criminal behavior liable to penal or civil violations;
  • not put information on the web that could present forms or content of a pornographic, obscene, blasphemous, racist, defamatory or offensive nature.

2.4 The user agrees to use programs legitimately granted by licence or to have obtained authorization of use of the hardware and software necessary to access the service.

2.5 The user agrees to not use PCs with wireless cards using radio signals for aims other than using the wireless network service provided by Università Bocconi.

3. Liability

3.1 The user is responsible for any violation of the present agreement and agrees to release Bocconi of liability, both substantially and procedurally, and will keep Bocconi exempt of any claim, even those made by third parties, as a result of any violation of the present agreement and/or violation of laws or regulations or administrative measures.

3.2 The user assumes all responsibility and expenses regarding the content and forms of communication carried out using the service. The user also agrees to keep Bocconi exempt from any claim or legal action that may be directed at Bocconi by any subject, as a consequence of that communication. By taking this responsibility, the user expressly relieves Bocconi of any and all responsibility and burden of verification and/or control regarding this matter.

3.3 The user agrees that Bocconi should remain unharmed by any loss, damage, cost or burden, therein including any legal expenses, that Bocconi may sustain as a consequence of the use of the service available to the user.

3.4 The wifi network service is provided through the use of shared band frequencies with limited protection against interference. For this reason, the service's supply and quality are not guaranteed.

3.5 Bocconi is not responsible towards users and/or occurrences caused by third parties in the case of direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses or costs that may occur because of suspensions or interruptions of the service.

4. Confidentiality

4.1 Access to the service occurs by using a user identification code (username) and a password (password). The user should be informed of the fact that third parties can only access their credentials if they are able to access the service using the user's name and password. The user is the only person responsible for the discretion of their credentials and, consequently, is the only person responsible for all its connected or related uses (therein including damages and prejudicial consequences brought upon Bocconi and/or upon third parties), by authorized or unauthorized users.

4.2 The user agrees to communicate any lost or stolen passwords to Bocconi as soon as possible. In any case, it should be understood that the user will be responsible for any consequences that result from the password being lost or stolen.

4.3 The user is aware and accepts the presence of a register of connections (known as a log) maintained by Bocconi, and Bocconi will take any technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the privacy of this log. The log of connections can only be shown to judicial authorities in the case of a specific request.

4.3 The user is aware and accepts that radio frequencies and wireless network traffic could be supervised in order to maintain an adequate level of wireless network performance, as well as assure the correct use of the service.