Career Guidance

Learn more about yourself and your fit in the job market through online resources and dedicated activities with Bocconi Career Services professionals. 


Distance Personalized Advice: meet a career counselor
One-to-one sessions to receive personalized guidance from a Career Services expert: you can ask for a cv and cover letter review, or discuss about your professional goals and strategies for effective application.

One-to-one advice on the international job market: meet a counselor for your career abroad
Individual sessions with Bocconi Career Services professionals guiding you through the job market landscape of various Countries (curious about the UK, France, or United Arab Emirates? We have those covered and much more!).

Get ready for the job: join the seminars on the key tools in the job market
Series of online seminars held by Bocconi Career Services experts who will give you insights on the topics more typical in the job market, such as CV and cover letter preparation, best practices for networking, hints&tips for the selection process, instructions to activate documents for internships. 

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POL - Aptitude orientation interviews: discover your aptitudes
Guided by a team of counselors (not only Bocconi professionals but also company representatives!), these talks allow you to complete a self-orientation process focusing on your choices: by exploring your personal aptitudes you will be able to establish a closer connection between aptitudes and professional projects. Thanks to this activity, you will be able to: discover and use your strengths to your fullest potential, consider improvement areas, feel more confident when approaching the job market, and make more informed decisions about your profession. 

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HOW TO JOIN? You will find all of them in the Career Counseling Hub, accessible from you@B> Career Service menu > Career Counseling Hub > Online tools and initiatives.


My Consulting Coach: trust a guide to build your path in Consulting
Online platform offering coaching and resources for a career in management consulting. It includes case interview preparation, resume editing, networking guidance, and access to a library of resources to help you boost your chances to succeed in the consulting recruitment process. 

Prep-Investment Banking: get ready for selection processes in the field
Online platform helping you prepare for the Investment Banking selection process, offering training on interviews and resources to enhance your skills and knowledge of this field.

E-learning courses: dive deep the fundamentals of the selection process and find out more on business fields and Countries
Guides and games, to share hints&tips and insights on your career journey while navigating the complexities of the job market. For instance, you can learn how to develop your professional entourage, explore various business sectors and functions (want to know more about what’s a career in tech or in consulting? There’s contents for these fields, and much more to explore!), as well as global opportunities (interested in having an internship in the USA, Germany or China? There are specific country guides to describe any job market you’re looking for!). 

Big Interview: practice job interviews online
Online platform designed to help you fine tune your job interview skills. You can practice answering common interview questions, record your trials and compare it with the best practices, to learn strategies for success in various types of interviews (for instance, stressful interviews, technical interviews or business cases). 

Goinglobal: kickstart your career abroad 
Online database where you will find Country-specific career guides, job search resources, employer directories, and cultural insights to support you in kickstarting your career abroad. 

Firsthand: discover more about sectors and professions
Online hub connecting students and employers for internship and job opportunities. It offers insights into various industries and professional paths, facilitating networking, job searching, and career exploration.

HOW TO ACCESS? You will find all these tools in the Career Counseling Hub, accessible from you@B> Career Service menu > Career Counseling Hub > Online tools and initiatives.