Supplementary activities guidelines

IT Education Center organizes many free courses dedicated to Bocconi students. Such courses cover the most widespread and used IT applications at university and in the business environment.



You can only register for courses only from your student’s yoU@B diary, by clicking on the “sign-up for various activities” box. Registration procedure will be activated about three weeks before the beginning of each activity. Any other type of registration is not allowed.

Please note that students can cancel their registration only through the student’s yoU@B diary within (and not after) the deadline indicated for the registration. Any other type of cancellation from courses is not allowed.

Courses are meant for all Bocconi students; however, it is recommended that students who decide to register for the extracurricular courses have already completed both the ICDL certification and the curricular exam offered in their study progam.

It is not possible to admit students who have not completed the registration accordingly.

Available places

The number of available places is specified on each “course details” page. 

If the registration process has been completed successfully, you will receive a message in your yoU@B diary a few days before the beginning of the course.


Attending and obtaining attendance certificate

Courses do not grant any credit or additional points for graduation. There is no exam at the end of the courses.

Students attending at least 75% of lessons obtain a certificate of attendance. At the beginning of each lesson, according to Università Bocconi guidelines, presences are registered through the "Attendance" system. The code is valid for 10 minutes, at the end of this period the attendance is considered as invalid.



If you are registered to a course but you do not attend at least 25% of the scheduled hours, you will not be able to register to any other IT Education Center extracurricular activity during the same semester and the following one. 

Being blacklisted twice leads to be permanently excluded from IT Education Center courses and activities.


Courses calendar