Academic Services


Students and graduates may send a request through B in Touch available in the yoU@B student Diary.


Academic Communications and Services Office

Student information point for teaching communication via the yoU@B student Diary, the Bocconi website and the app; it is also the reference point for information technology procedures for teaching activities.

  • Teaching services assistance:Teaching assistance in the classroom (opening/closing, check electronic equipment, writing material, recording of attendance, photocopying of exam papers).
  • Graduation Diplomas and Certifications:
    Reference for thesis, final papers, diplomas and certifications for graduates.


Academic Administrative Operations Office 

Student information point for administrative procedures concerning student career (enrollment, student study plan, degrees and diplomas). 


Academic Programs Organization Office

  • Defining academic calendars.
  • Scheduling teaching in terms of lesson timetables and classrooms, managing course teaching models, enrollment in class groups using specific methodologies or reserved to students with educational debits.
  • Planning and managing the exams calendar, defining exam committees, allocating exam classrooms.
  • Planning graduation days, graduation sessions and Degree Assessment Boards.
  • Allocating study spaces and other spaces for non-teaching activities. 


Language Center

IT Education Center