Double Degree Law

Bocconi has developed a double qualification program within the School of Law, offering students a unique portfolio of opportunities with outstanding universities.  Participants will have the chance to live a unique academic and life experience fostering their career in legal professions, becoming able to master the complexity of future challenges for companies and institutions in a plural context.


The Double Degree program offers 4th-year Law students the possibility to spend their 5th and last year of the Integrated Master of Arts in Law in another prestigious Partner School, specializing in their field of interest.  

Provided that both institutions' academic requirements have been met, participants will be receiving a graduate degree both from Bocconi and the foreign institution.

The admission process for the Double Degree program happens during the first semester, while students are enrolled in the fourth year of Bocconi Law program.

The application is filled in at Punto Blu: students can choose their destinations (min. one up to all the available destinations) in order of preference

Application period: November/December
Selection results: mid/end of February
Students' confirmation: mid/end of February (before Themis and Exchange Program rankings)

Additional information on the application procedure, timing and deadlines are presented during the International Opportunities Presentation for Law students and available in the Restricted Area .

Please note that students can apply for Double Degree, Themis, and Exchange Program at the same time (check the application timeline for each program).

Students enrolled in the 4th year of the Integrated Master of Arts in Law can apply to the Double Degree program if they hold:

  • minimum GPA 25/30
  • 100% credits 1st year, 60% credits 2nd year, 60% credits 3rd year
  • English language proficiency: IELTS min. 7 or TOEFL min. 100.
    Please carefully check details and each destination's language requirements in the Restricted Area
  • Outstanding profile and academic curriculum
  • Strong motivation for the program and the destinations
  • Each applicant will be assigned an Overall Score* based on the weighted average (70% weight) and on an Individual Assessment Score that considers the interview and the application dossier (30% weight).
  • *Credits taken into consideration for calculating the overall score include all exams registered within the official deadline of the September exam session. Exams that do not pertain to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year will not be taken into consideration when calculating the score.

Selected students will spend their entire 5th year at one of the partner institutions.

Partner Institutions

Asia Singapore Management University, Yong Pung How School of Law

See details and places available in the Restricted Area

Europe Maastricht University, Faculty of Law
USA Fordham University, School of Law
USA Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer School of Law

Bocconi will make every effort to guarantee that selected students can take advantage of the Double Degree opportunity. We are working very closely with our partners in order to ensure academic continuity and the regular delivery of the program. Please consider that in light of the general uncertainty and fluidity of the global situation, teaching methods (physical, blended, online) at Partner Universities may be subject to change. Please consider that temporary national travel and visa restrictions – beyond Bocconi’s control – may further limit access to specific Countries or Regions.

The safety and well-being of students and of all the members of the community remain our utmost priority.  

Bocconi keeps monitoring regularly the development of the Risk rate in each country, in accordance with official indications of the MAECI, the local authorities, and the Partner Institutions.

Moreover, in order to ensure a thoughtful and safe travel experience, Bocconi provides International SOS services. Enter your yoU@B (under International Relations / International SOS section) to access the International SOS portal, and to read the Students Travel Risk Policy.


Samantha Ballabio
Double Degree Law Coordinator
Global Alliances
Piazza Sraffa, 13 - Room 311

20136, Milan – Italy  
+39 02 5836.2203