Software at Bocconi - PI

TECHNOLOGY provides services to make software available to academic staff, students and non-teaching university and SDA Bocconistaff.

Selected software are available under Campus licences to be used by teachers on their desktops and by students on workstations in IT Labs, through Novell network client.

By specific request from the teacher and for particular learning activities, softwares may be installed on students personal computers.

TECHNOLOGY is in charge of managing contract with software resellers and takes care of continuous software updating and upgrading.


  Staff IT Labs
Adobe Acrobat      x        x
Aptech GAUSS      x  
Circle System Stat/Transfer 8.0          x
Circle System Stat/Transfer 9.0      x  
Design Science MathType      x        x
GiveWin      x        x
Insightful S-Plus      x  
MacKichan Scientific Workplace      x        x
Mathsoft Mathcad      x        x
Mathworks Matlab      x        x
McAfee Antivirus      x        x
McAfee Antispyware      x        x
Microsoft Office Enterprise      x        x
PcGive      x        x
QMS Eviews      x        x
SAS      x        x
SAS JMP      x        x
SPSS      x        x
SPSS Amos      x        x
SPSS Neural Connection      x        x
SPSS Text Smart      x        x
Stata      x        x
TreeAge Pro          x
WinZip      x        x