Guide to curricular internships

Curricular Internships are all the internships performed by students before graduating.

Curricular internships satisfying certain requirements of content, timing and duration entitle students to ask for academic credits to be registered in the study plan. Any other internship pursued by students that does not observe the requirements of the curricular internship with credits, or is an additional internship to the ones recorded on your study plan, is a curricular internship without credits.


The University invites you to carry out such experience, whose content – in case of curricular internship with credits - must be in line with your degree program, after the completion of learning activities which are fundamental to gain basic theoretical knowledge.

BSc students
You can participate in a curricular internship with credits starting from the end of second-year classes onwards.
(Minimum duration: 6 weeks full time or 8 weeks part time)

As an exception, if you meet some specific academic requirements, you can complete the internship experience between the end of the teaching period of the first year and the start of the teaching period of the second year.

MSc students
You can participate in a curricular internship with credits starting from the end of first-year classes onwards.
(Minimum duration: 8 weeks full time or 11 weeks part time)

Law students
You can participate in a curricular internship with credits starting from the end of fourth-year classes onwards.
(Minimum duration: 8 weeks full time or 11 weeks part time)

See more information about "Types of internships and similar activities” here.


Internships may take place, in Italy and abroad, at companies, public and private institutions, professional firms, international organisms, diplomatic agencies, cultural institutions and other organizations. The University reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility of the company to host the intern, as well as location and any mixed (in-person/remote) or remote (distance) modes. Bocconi also monitors the internship throughout its duration.
Curricular internships with credit recognition cannot be carried out at family-owned companies.
For internships abroad see more info here
For unpaid internship abroad see Scholarships.


You always have to properly activate your internship before its beginning.
There are different rules for the activation of the internship depending on whether it takes place in Italy or in another Country.

The Internship Office walks you through the internship step-by-step: from the activation to the credit recognition request.




After you get selected, if the employer is not accredited on the University’s job portal, ask it to register on JobGate, and provide your Student ID number.
After logging on to JobGate, the employer will be contacted by the University within 5 working days for quality checks of the host venue.

The employer

Enters your internship on JobGate, providing your Student ID number and all the details concerning your educational project, no later than the Monday prior to its beginning.
At this point the internship will appear in the “My internships” area of JobGate in the yoU@B Agenda


Access JobGate on your Agenda, in the “My internships” area, “Training project” section, and check the information and content of the internship entered by the employer.
Confirm the internship with the appropriate button. Confirmation stands as acceptance of the internship.


In the case of a credited curricular internship, request advance authorization by clicking on the “Request recognition of credits” button.

The employer

On the first day of the internship, goes to JobGate and downloads the internship document which has to be signed by you and the host company’s/institution’s legal representative, or his/her delegate (area “My internships”, section “Training project”). The document must be signed in all its parts (with signatures at the penultimate and the last article) and sent in its original to the Internships Office in order to receive the signature of the University.

Experiences pursued without such documentation or, in any case, those for which such documentation has not been submitted to the Internships Office before the start of an internship will not have, for Bocconi University, the value of an internship.

The Internship Office

The Office makes available to both employer and intern the document complete with all signatures, uploading it in the “Attachment Area” of JobGate (inside “My internships”).



Discover more on how to activate the internship (in Italy or outside of Italy, and according to the specific typologies of internships), tips on how to carry out the internship, and info on how to get credit recognition