Exchange Program

The Exchange Program offers students a unique international experience, allowing them to spend a term abroad at one of our 280+ partner universities in 55 countries across five continents.

Through our bilateral agreements, students attending the program will carry out a study term, without paying tuition fees at the host school. However, students are responsible for covering their own travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and any other associated costs. Scholarships, such as those offered by ISU and Erasmus, are available. Courses completed at the partner institution can be recognized, subject to specific rules and procedures that students must adhere to.

Students can access the Exchange Program only once during a study program, through an application, upon possession of specific requirements. The Program entails a selection, with subsequent publication of the ranking, which takes place annually.

For more details, please refer to the sections below and the Guide to the Exchange Program 2024/2025 in the English or Italian version.