Bocconi Social Impact Recognition

We reward those who uphold our values


Bocconi University recognizes social engagement and responsibility as integral values of its identity.

Bocconi offers opportunities for reflection and inspiration, as well as concrete opportunities for personal engagement and volunteering.
Starting from A.Y. 2023-2024, the Bocconi Social Impact Recognition project has been launched to strengthen students' focus on social responsibility and enhance social engagement and volunteer activities. The project is an academic recognition offered to all students who carry out significant social impact activities and volunteering during their studies.

Students who meet the requirements and attest to their activity will receive a Social Impact Recognition Certificate (digital Open Badge).
In addition, a limited number of these students who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to carrying out social impact activities may be included on the Dean's List for Social Impact Recognition.

The students included on the Dean’s List for Social Impact Recognition will be mentioned in a website repository of awarded students and they may be invited to special events. In addition, their profiles will be shared with top employers, with a focus on social impact.

Both the certificate and the Dean's List mention are based solely on social impact activities and volunteering.


Institutional social engagement and volunteer activities can be:

  • carried out on campus or at external organizations promoted through Bocconi University (see the list below)
  • or self-found and carried out at external organizations.

Activities promoted through Bocconi University refer to the opportunities listed below. Please note that some of these opportunities may have a limited number of spots available per year.

Field projects and internships at social enterprises and the third sector.
Making Sense of Profit is a project coordinated by the CERGAS Research Center that offers students the opportunity to gain direct experience of the world of work through a practical experience that combines economic professionalism and social impact.
The project is eligible for the Bocconi Social Impact Recognition only if the experience is not valid as a curricular internship.

How and when to apply: Applications usually open in February/March. For more information check this webpage. A dedicated Committee will evaluate and make a selection among all the applications received.

Tutoring activities within the Learning Needs Help Desk (Campus Life) project

Within the Bocconi community, we value diversity and work to create a culture of inclusion that appreciates the unique qualities of each of our students.

A significant number of students on the Bocconi campus have been diagnosed with specific learning disorders (SLDs), and these conditions often make studying a more arduous task.

To help students with SLDs improve and optimize their study skills, we have launched a peer-to-peer learning project. Through this project SLD students will receive peer support from student volunteers who have received specific training.

The tutors will support students with learning disorders study and prepare for exams.

How and when to apply: Two call for applications per year, in October and January. For more details check this webpage.

The Bocconi Inclusion Service runs social inclusion programs dedicated to refugees, displaced and first generation students. These projects involve the placement of international students from difficult socio-economic or geopolitical conditions in Bocconi degree programs or individual courses, supported by dedicated scholarships and services. The students are primarily from Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and Ukraine.

In these programs, the support of the student community is crucial to facilitating the move to Italy, inclusion in the Bocconi community and adaptation of newcomers.

Student volunteer support will be on multiple fronts:

— Approach to academic activities

— Inclusion within the class group

— Orientation toward the services offered by the University

— Adaptation to the new lifestyle

— Participation in student life

How to apply

Send a résumé and a brief motivational e-mail to 

This initiative is addressed to Italian speakers only.

For additional information please visit the Italian webpage.

Active thanks to a collaboration with CSV Milan (Centro Servizi per il Volontariato) the Desk provides general information about volunteering and orients those who want to engage in social engagement activities. 

Thanks to the Volunteer Desk you can gather information on those volunteer associations that offer opportunities meeting the requirements to apply for the Bocconi Social Impact Recognition.

Find out more at this webpage.

Pane Quotidiano is a secular, non-partisan and non-profit association, founded in Milan in 1898, with the aim of ensuring free food every day to the poorest sections of the population and to anyone in a state of need and vulnerability, without any distinction.

The simple but revolutionary idea that has animated our Association since its foundation is that no one should ever go without bread and therefore its free distribution is not an act of charity but a gesture implementing this idea.

We have continued this commitment ever since and have taken steps to integrate other foods into our distribution, such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, cured meats, pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables and sweets.

In our two offices in Milan, Viale Toscana 28 and Viale Monza 335, thanks to the invaluable contribution of Volunteers, the support of important food companies that donate their products to us and the generosity of many Donors, we are able to distribute food rations to those who need them, without any kind of distinction and in full respect of our age-old motto, then conceived for the protection and safeguarding of the dignity of our guests: "Sister, brother, no one here will ask you who you are, nor why you need, nor what are your opinions.”

In 2022 we distributed 1,118,869 bags of food.

How to apply

Applications to carry out a volunteer activity at Pane Quotidiano are closed.  

For further information:

In the case of students who collaborate with Pane Quotidiano following a Disciplinary Committee sanction, it will be possible to be considered for the purposes of the Social Impact Recognition project net of the hours defined by the Disciplinary Committee.

Additional activities may be added to this list during the academic year.



  • Time commitment: at least 50 hours over at least 4 weeks (1 June-31 May).
    For a.y. 2023-2024, experiences carried out in the summer period (from June 1, 2023) may be considered only if still in progress at the time of the launch of the Social Impact Recognition project (September 2023).
    Starting from a.y. 2024-2025, experiences carried out during the period June 1, 2024-May 31, 2025 may be considered.
  • Activity must be associated with no more than one structured organization/institution (i.e. activities done on an individual basis will not be considered);
  • All current students whose enrollment is in the "regular" year of studies in the current academic year of:
    • a Bachelor program
    • a Master of Science program
    • the Integrated Master of Arts in Law program
    • a Specialized Master
  • The activity can be carried out in any year of the program;
  • Activities that have already received some form of recognition (e.g. GPA, remuneration of any kind, credits/internship, etc.) are excluded.

How to attest to the activity completed

After the activity has been completed, the interested student should fill out a special form in yoU@B to submit their application.

The form is available in the yoU@B Diary in the Campus Life section (left menu).

Depending on whether the student has done university-sponsored or externally self-found activities, two different procedures need to be followed as indicated below:

By 31 May, the student must indicate :
1. Name of the host organization or activity performed at Bocconi;
2. Contact person (and contacts) at Bocconi or at the external organization;
3. Brief description of activities performed [maximum 500 words describing: (a) task and activity performed; (b) social impact achieved; (c) skills and knowledge acquired].
4. Period: start/end dates;
5. Total number of hours;
6. Acknowledgement of ground rules (no salary or other form of compensation).

To finalize the online procedure, the student must also upload a certificate attesting to the completion of the activity issued by the organization, which must include the period (start/end dates) and total number of hours.

By 30 April, the student must indicate:
1. Name of the organization
2. Contact person (and contacts) at the organization
3. Official website of the organization
4. Period: start/end dates
5. Total number of hours
6. Brief description of activities performed [500 words maximum describing: (a) task and activity performed; (b) social impact achieved; (c) skills and knowledge gained].
7. Acknowledgement of ground rules (no salary or other form of compensation).

To finalize the online procedure, the student must also upload a certificate attesting to the completion of the activity issued by the organization, which must include the period (start/end dates) and total number of hours.

Evaluation of applications received

Applications received will be checked and evaluated by the relevant offices during the academic year.

Students who meet the requirements will receive a certificate of recognition of Social Impact (digital Open Badge).

In addition, after 31 May, an internal committee will review all applications received to determine which students to include on the Dean's List for Social Impact Recognition.


For more information:

B in Touch > Campus Life > Volunteering and social engagement