Activating and managing internships


An internship is a period of training carried out by a student or recent graduate at a company, institution, or organization, with the aim of acquiring specific skills in the professional context related to their field of study. Internships grant students with the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in class, to become familiar with the work environment, and to develop practical and interpersonal skills.

For Bocconi students, experiences of this kind are strongly encouraged or even required within the study plan.

Internships can be carried out both in Italy and abroad and involve the presence of three main stakeholders:

2023 wrapped

internships activated, of which 25% outside Italy
active companies in JobGate to post offers or hosting internships


If you need assistance during the internship activation process, please get in touch with our Internship office at +39.02.5836.2755. 

Please refer to the Internship Office contact person you've been assigned to.

You can refer to your dedicated contact person from our Internship Office throughout the whole process of the internship.

If you need assistance in researching and selecting a candidate (Bocconi students and graduates), or if you have already selected a candidate and it is the first time that you are getting in touch with Bocconi, please refer to these pages.