International Mobility


Immersing yourself in an international mobility program isn't just about academics - it's about expanding your cultural horizons, cultivating adaptability, and sharpening your language skills. At Bocconi, students have the opportunity to pursue academic and personal growth on a global scale. With a network of 280+ Partner Schools in 55 countries, you'll find unparalleled opportunities for cultural exchange. 

By becoming part of our international mobility community, you'll connect with a global network of scholars, innovators, and changemakers. Your journey starts here at Bocconi University, where the world is yours to explore!

Travel safely with International SOS

Bocconi has partnered with International SOS to offer medical, safety and security advice to travelling students.

Scholarships for International Mobility

To encourage student participation in international mobility programs, scholarships and other forms of financial aid may be available to specific categories of students enrolled in a Bocconi program.