Verify Self-Declarations

This section is addressed to Public Administration offices, private firms managing public services, Companies, Organizations, Associations etc. IN ITALY, which need to verify the data self-declared by Bocconi students and/or graduates.
We inform you that, in line with the current process of “not-certification”, Università Bocconi makes encoded self-declaration samples, which can be easily verified, to its Bocconi students/graduates.

How to verify the truthfulness of the self-declarations
The methods for verifying  the data are different depending on the typology of self-declaration submitted by the Bocconi student or graduate, i.e. if he/she has submitted a self-declaration sample issued by Università Bocconi or a self-declaration autonomously written by him/her. By following the methods described below, it is possible to verify only the data included in the University records and database.

  • IF Bocconi self-declaration  sample:

    In this case, after making appropriate registration, access the Bocconi PA Portal and enter the code specified on the self-declaration sample submitted by the student/graduate to verify the data immediately and autonomously.

  • IF self-declaration autonomously written by the student/graduate:

    In this case forward data verification request via email to or via fax to the number 0039 0258362041. The request must include the following information:
    • name of the office;
    • clear and full description of the request type (attach the self-declaration if it must be verified);
    • signature, title and name of the requester (a copy of the ID document must be attached);
    • email address or fax number the reply must be sent to.

The forwarded requests, only if including all information described on the list, will be completed as soon as possible (in any case by and no later than 30 days).