Bespoke events

Each event is exclusively centered around one employer at a time. 

The following formats are available (online, on campus or at company premises): they serve specific purposes, but all of them are unique chances for fostering your career opportunities, expanding your professional network, sharing your cv and facilitating recruitment processes. Join if you are looking for an immediate internship or job to start, but also if you wish to gather information about potential employers and their future opportunities!

Classroom presentations: dive into companies, government & international organizations

Classroom meetings where employers showcase internship and job opportunities as well as precious insights into their culture, values and vision. 
What’s in it for you? You will connect with the representatives to get to know them up close, learn about opportunities and selection processes, and understand the needed skills in different fields.

Company visits: live an in-house employer experience
Tours to companies’ facilities or offices, usually lasting 2 to 3 hours. Each event is organized ad hoc, but they usually include presentations, Q&A sessions, networking moments, visit to production areas, research labs or other relevant spaces depending on the nature of the company’s business.
What’s in it for you? You will have a privileged access to company facilities, gaining a firsthand experience on the company's culture, products, people and work environment, as well as getting valuable insights into career opportunities.

Drop-in sessions: meet the recruiters one-to-one
One-to-one 20-minute informal meetings with company representatives (HR or Line Manager), designed to create an immediate connection with a potential employer, discover internship and job opportunities, and find out more on the selection process.
What’s in it for you? You will discuss about your career perspectives with a recruiter, ask questions about current or future available job or internship offers, hand-in your cv.

In-Company Trainings: challenge yourself in a hands-on project
Career programs organized at company premises and structured in a theoretical part (company presentations, speeches) plus a practical one (business cases, group work, networking, etc.). 
What’s in it for you? You will gain better understanding of employers and the job market in different Countries, join hands-on projects, engage with company representatives to dive deep into their functional areas, career possibilities, and internship opportunities.

In-Company Trainings are available in Italy and abroad: calendars, activities and criteria of participation are program-specific, so make sure to carefully read the dedicated pages before applying.

Networking Events: expand your professional network 
Breakfasts or cocktails held on campus or at company premises. They involve small groups of attendees interacting in an informal setting to facilitate direct connections with recruiters and managers. 
What’s in it for you? You will have the chance to expand your professional network, exchange information about available internship and job opportunities, and present yourself.

Recruiting sessions: start the selection process
Selection day, made of a brief company presentation plus individual interviews or group assessment, organized on the same date. You can attend only if you are pre-selected by the company after having applied for specific internship and job positions.
What’s in it for you? This is the first step of the selection process: you will have a dedicated insight on the role and the company during the presentation, and use the info to better manage the interview, held immediately after.

HOW TO JOIN? These initiatives are held throughout the whole academic year and participation is upon-registration only. To register, please refer to You@B > Career Service menu > Events Calendar, where you will also find the specific contact to ask for more info about the event of your interest, if needed. 
Unless otherwise specified, the following formats are open to all Bocconi University students and graduates up to 3 years after graduation. Available slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

TECH INT! Remember to allow notifications in your yoU@B app, and also to flag “Appuntamenti” from the home page settings - Calendars Configuration Widget, if you wish to automatically import your registrations for the Career Services activities within your meeting calendar, together with classes, exams and other events.