Erasmus + Scholarships a.y. 2023 - 2024

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. The Bocconi Erasmus+ scholarship is assigned to students participating to specific Programs in European destinations adhering to the Program, however, specific requirements apply to get funding.

Requirements Internship Unpaid
Included in the period from 01/07/2023 to 31/07/2024*.

* Days not included in these periods cannot be taken into account for the calculation of the contribution. 


- on track with University Taxes;
- not benefitting from other funding supplied by the EU for the same mobility period.

students enrolled at Bocconi University for the current academic year.


graduated and selected for the internship before the graduation (the internship must be carried out and completed within one year after the graduation)*.

* This option is available only for citizen of one of the EU countries, of countries members of SEE or EU candidate countries.

Mobility period
Min. 2 months (60 days)
Max 12 months 

Internship period from a minimum of 2 months (60 days) up to a maximum of 12 months in the same study cycle. (BSc/MSc/Law Program). If you do an Erasmus internship (or exchange) during the Bachelor degree, you are allowed to receive a new Erasmus scholarship during the MSc Degree. 
Physical Mobility
Only in-presence mobility (physical mobility) is eligible for funding. Virtual mobility (completely carried out online) does not foresee a contribution. If mobility includes a virtual component, students can receive the scholarship only for the actual days of mobility carried out in presence (minimum 2 months).
Hosting institutions
Companies and institutions (e.g. NGOs, associations, foundations, museums, research centers, etc.), other missions or political institutions, such as schools or Cultural Institutes.
Not Eligible
- European Union institutions and other EU bodies including specialised agencies, organizations managing EU programs (in order to avoid possible conflict of interests and/or double funding). 
- Employers abroad in the intern's Country of origin, unless the intern is able to prove that the experience has a transnational character. For these destinations students will be required to give evidence of the international value of the experience.

The student can receive an Erasmus+ grant, from € 400/month up to max € 500/month. Monthly amounts are set by the Italian National Agency together with the Italian National Authority and they vary according to the destinations (based on the differences in living costs).

Group 1 higher living costs
Group 2 medium living costs
Group 3 lower living costs

Denmark, Finland, Iceland,Ireland, Luxembourg,Sweden, Lichtenstein, Norway

Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey
€ 500
€ 450
€ 400

The scholarship is not paid on a monthly-basis, but in two scheduled moments:

1. First payment will be disbursed only after signing the Erasmus Agreement between the University and the student.
2. Final payment will be disbursed at the end of the internship, upon receipt of the internship final documents and completion of the Erasmus report, upon availability of Erasmus+ funding*.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE Grants are assigned to students only upon availability of Erasmus+ funding from the Italian Erasmus+ National Agency who has exclusive responsibility over the grants funded to Bocconi University. Consequently, Bocconi University cannot guarantee the timing of payments nor the covering of all the months spent abroad. The Italian Erasmus+ National Agency, together with the other European national agencies, regularly checks and compares information on scholarship recipients. In case the student is not entitled to the scholarship, he/she will need to refund it.

Students will need to apply contacting the Internship Office through B in Touch before the beginning of the internship. In case of future graduates, they will need to apply before the graduation date.

To confirm your scholarship and receive funding the student is required to complete online procedures and sign/produce specific documents, you will receive detailed information via email.