Choral Singing

Choral singing, understood as a musical instrument but also as a means of growth cohesion, is now widespread in most universities around the world.

The repertoire proposed draws on musical traditions from various eras and cultures, from African to Anglo-Saxon, from the Renaissance to the contemporary, from sacred to profane. It starts from monophonic pieces with the aim of reaching polyphonic singing.

Both choral singing accompanied by piano and a cappella pieces are planned.

The project also wants to allow participants to achieve a series of personal goals, such as: maturation of intonation and vocal emission, enhancement and involvement of the body in learning, also through gestures and signs, increasing musical critical ability, developing gradual control and mastery of one's own voice, sharing group activity.

Students with previous choral experience and singers with no experience are welcome to participate. Being able to read music is certainly an excellent requirement, but it is not absolutely necessary as the teaching methodology is imitative with the support of audio that can be created to memorize the parts better.

The lessons include an important warm-up (breathing, body activation), an ear training part, a moment dedicated to vocalizations and intonation, and then the study and revision of the repertoire. During the first meetings, the vocal registers of the individual singers will also be established to create the sections (Soprani, Alti, Tenori, Bassi). The last meetings will instead be dedicated to the concertation of the studied pieces.

At the end of this journey there will be the possibility to participate in a final recital.

Enrolled students will be provided with musical materials, including sheet music and other materials preparatory to choral activity.


When and where

> 15-22-29 February

> 7-21-28 March

> 11-18 April

> 2 May

> 8 May: rehearsal and final show

The course will be held in the Music Room, via Bocconi 12 at 6.15pm — 7.45pm.


Registration and fee

Participation fee: 35€ 

Registrations open in January 2024 through the Bocconi University's online payment platform. Please note! Click on "Access as BOCCONI USER" and select the product.

Instructor: Aleksander Zielinski

Pianist and choral teacher at the Orsoline San Carlo Foundation in Milan, he has been collaborating with Yamaha Music Europe Gmbh since 2012. He specializes in children's choral teaching and has been the musical director of events at the Conservatory of Milan, Teatro da Verme, and other important theaters and historical sites.