Verification ex post and revocation

The right to be eligibile for ISU Bocconi and, if relevant, for scholarships and integrations will automatically be revoked in case of:

1. Insufficient academic merit
It is specified that there are no ex ante verifications of the merit requirements for the assignment of the ISU Scholarship for first year students. However, the number of credits accrued is verified ex post at the end of the first year of program (10 August 2022). In the event that these credits do not comply with the provisions of the table below, the benefit is revoked.

Year of program in a.y. 2021-2022 Credit required as of 10 August 2022 Maximus usable bonus
1st year (BSc/Law) 44 no bonus
2nd year (MSc) 39 no bonus

Any changes in
the number of bonus credits, which may derive from exceptional measures, will be
communicated through the publication on the website.

For the purpose of calculating the academic merit in the provision ranking, only exams taken within 10 August 2022 will be considered. Students with anomalies with the exams registration within 13 September 2021 shall contact the Academic Services via Help&Contact.

For students who are eligible, recipients and non-recipients, enrolled in the first year of the 2021-2022 academic year who will not achieve the academic credits required by 10/08/2022, the scholarship and the integrations provisionally assigned will be revoked as stated below:

Deadlines for achievement of credits for students enrolled in the first year 2021-2022 Revocation
By 30/11/2022

Partial revocation: eligible student, whether recipient or
non-recipient, must complete the payment for 50% of tuition and fees for the
2021-2022 a.y. In addition, student recipients will not receive the 2nd
installment of the cash scholarship.

After 30/11/2022

revocation: eligible student, whether
recipient or non-recipient, must:

  • Complete payment
    of tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 a.y.;
  • Return the amount received for the free daily meal
  • Return the first
    installment of the cash scholarship received, if eligible recipient.

The Fees, Funding and Housing Office will send a communication within the month of September 2022 to all the students that incur a partial or total revocation of the Bocconi ISU assistance for the 2021-2022 a.y..

Following the revocation of the ISU Bocconi benefits, the 2021-2022 financial position must be regulated within one month from the official date of the revocation, or in any case in accordance with the Fees, Funding and Housing Office.

2. False declarations
The student who submits/has submitted false

declarations incurs the total revocation of the benefit. In addition, the sanctions provided for by art. 75 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 as well as the penalties provided for by art. 10 paragraph 3 of the Legislative Decree 68/2012 consisting in the loss of the right to obtain other disbursements for the entire duration of the course of studies, in the administrative sanction consisting in the payment of a sum of three times the amount perceived and the value of the services unduly used, without prejudice to any case the application of the sanctions referred to in Article 38, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree no. 78/2010 as well as the criminal laws for the actions making up the crime.

Bocconi University reserves the right to implement disciplinary sanctions and, if details regarding a crime are
recognized (article 331 of Italian CPP), report it to legal authorities.

3. Disciplinary sanctions
The student who incurs disciplinary sanctions greater than a written warning for infringement of Bocconi University regulations, incurs the total revocation of the benefit.