Grounds for exclusion from assistance

The following students may not participate in the a.y. 2022-23 application:

  • students who have already completed a degree of the same level or higher than the program for which the scholarship is requested for the 2022-23 academic year, completed in Italy or abroad (including degrees issued before the implementation of Italian D.M. 509/1999);
  • students who were already enrolled in other degree programs of the same level or higher than the program for which benefits or services are requested, even in faculties other than those offered by Bocconi University and in years previous to 2022-23;
  • students enrolling in Master of Science programs who have already completed a 4-year degree higher than the Bachelor of Science level;
  • students enrolled in the second year “fuori corso” or subsequent years after the absolute [1] first year of enrollment, after completing the regular study program years (with the exception of students with disability pursuant to Italian Law
    n.104/1992 or with civil disability equal or greater than 66%);
  • students receiving scholarships or similar forms of financial aid allocated by Bocconi University or other public or private organizations during the same academic year;
  • students repeating enrollment;
  • students repating enrollment following a withdrawal from studies or transfer [2] from any Italian or foreign university, with repetition of enrollment in the same year of the course for which they had already been students enrolled in the cycle of studies for which they requires the benefit;
  • students who are enrolled or were enrolled with an intermediate “fuori corso” status or repeating intermediate during the program for which the assistance is requested;
  • students repeating enrollment in a year of a program already attended, even when transferring Bachelor of Science, Integrated Master of Arts in Law, Master of Science or PhD program or in case of change of faculty and/or university.
  • in academics prior to the academic year 2022-2023 have withdrawed from studies or transfered from another university, Italian or foreign, or changed degree course with repetition of enrollment in the same course year or they were enrolled with an intermediate “fuori corso” status


  • students participating in Double Degree programs, selected or enrolled in the program by the partner University (DDIB CEU-Bocconi, Double/Joint Degree programs), as they do not meet the requirements set out in these Regulations.
  • enroll in the World Bachelor in Business (WBB) program, as they do not meet the requirements provided in the ISU Bocconi Application Requirements and Regulations;
  • enroll in Double Degree/Joint Degree programs and benefit from scholarships or similar forms of financial aid provided by Bocconi's University partner University for the same year.

For the correct submission of the application, reading this detail page is of fundamental importance.

[1] The absolute first year of enrollment shall be understood as any academic year of first enrollment in any kind of degree program (even if different from the one attended in AY 2022-23) which required the same education qualification as the one needed to access the attended program in AY 2022-23, in any University in Italy or abroad, even if the program has not been completed.


If you are a student transferred from another university enrolled at Bocconi University in the first a.y. 2022-2023 and you have requested credit recognition, contact the Fees, Funding and Housing Office.


Exceptions are made for students following the first year who will not be excluded from partecipating in the 2022-23 a.y. application if they achieve the minimum number of credits necessary to access the ranking. It is specified that the number is counted considering all the academic years in which the student was enrolled starting from the year of first absolute enrollment, even if not at Bocconi.