Application results

The application results for ISU Bocconi for a.y. 2021-2022 will be pubblished on MyApplication according to the following timing:

Notification of results
Provisional ranking By 15th October 2021
Final ranking By the end of October 2021

Here are some specifications on how to consult the provisional and definitive outcome of the ISU Bocconi scholarship application a.y. 2021-2022.

Provisional rankings

Provisional rankings will be published online and individual
placement can be consulted by 15th October 2021 for a period of at least 15 days, from the day of the publication.

Please note that during this stage no
specific position in the ranking will be assigned to the students, since the
position could change following the submission of appeals.

In the provisional ranking students may be either:

Eligible: if meeting all requirements, or
if one or more requirements set out
in this regulation are missing.

All the students that meet requirements set out
in the regulation and who properly and correctly submit the application for
the ISU Bocconi Scholarship are potentially eligible (recipient or
non-recipient), since there are no numerical limits to the eligibility.

Any appeal against provisional rankings or
requests for revision due to mistakes of the applicant must be submitted to ISU
Bocconi by and no later than 3 pm on the 15th day after the publication of the
same ranking. Those wishing to submit an appeal may only submit it online, through the online procedure and provide ISU
Bocconi with the documentation needed to justify the reasons for an

The results of appeals will be published online
at the same time the final rankings are published, approximately within the end
of October 2021.

Final Rankings

Final ranking will be published online and individual placement (eligible or non eligible) can be
consulted by the end of October 2021 for a period of at least 15 days, from
the day of the publication.

To ELIGIBLE students, it will be communicated:

> the ranking position;

> the full tuition waiver;

> the full waiver of regional tax and enrollment fee;

> the cash payment of the amount defined for
the a.y. 2021-2022 by the Lombardy Region for the free daily meal;

> other possible benefits;

> information concerning the reimbursement of the first installment-advance;

> the assignment, or not, of the cash stipend (RECIPIENTS or NON-RECIPIENTS);

> the ISU Bocconi bracket to which they have been assigned and which defines the
amount of the stipend for eligible recipient students; the cost of reduced rate meals; the reduced rate

housing fees for guests at Bocconi Residence Halls.

> the student status (resident, commuting, non-resident) which defines, together with the ISU Bocconi barcket, the amount of the cash stipend for eligible recipient students.