Program Committee

Regulations concerning roles and composition

The Committee supports the Director in ensuring the operation of the program. In particular it may express proposals regarding the management and organization of the program's academic activities and ensures a constant monitoring of the program through the examination of statistical data provided by administrative offices.

The Program Committee is made up of:

  • the Program Director who chairs it;
  • up to six instructors chosen by the Course Directors of compulsory courses, from within their areas;
  • up to three instructors from among the Course Directors of the elective courses, selected by the Program Director;
  • four students elected according to the rules set out in the proper regulations.

The Director has the right to summon the Program Committee, and will act as president of the Committee.

The Program Committee must be summoned at least 3 times during the academic year. 

The School Dean and the qualified administrative offices will be informed of the summoning of the Program Committee.

Committee Members

Program Director: 

Paolo Colla

Instructors of compulsory courses:

Alfredo Di Tillio, Luca Scarani

Instructors of elective courses:

Brunella Bruno, Alberto Manconi

Student representatives:
Sofia Gritti, Ginevra Migone, Maria Sole Olivieri, Neil Anand Pinto