Learning Needs Peer to Peer Tutoring Project

Within the Bocconi community we treasure diversity and work towards creating a culture of inclusion that appreciates the unique qualities of each of our students.

A significant number of students on Bocconi campus have been diagnosed with specific learning disorders (SpLDs). These conditions often make studying a more arduous task.

In order to help SpLd students improve and optimize their study abilities, a peer-to-peer support service is in place. SpLd students will receive help from student volunteers who will have received a special training.

Tutors will support students with learning disabilities with studying and the preparation for exams.

Acting as a student volunteer in the Learning Needs Peer to Peer Tutoring Project is rewarding: it makes us more flexible, open-minded, and makes us look at the world from a different perspective. Ultimately, it helps us being more empathetic and creative!

How to become a tutor

  • To apply, you must: consult the list of required courses; fill in the registration form linked below; compulsory attendance at training meetings (dates available soon)
  • Tutors will be matched with SpLd students interested in the tutoring service and they will support them in preparing those classes and exams they need to be helped with; the minimum commitment required is approximately one hour per week

All phases of the project will be coordinated by Dr Milena Milani, Educational Psychologist and member of the British Dyslexia Association.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please fill out the application form, indicating the subjects/courses you would feel most comfortable with when tutoring.

This initiative is part of the activities that potentially qualify for the Bocconi Social Impact Recognition project. Find out more on this page!


  • Mandatory training meeting: tutors will meet via teams with Dr Milena Milani who will provide an overview of SpLD and strategies to support students. (Date to be defined)
  • Matching meeting: the elective tutors and the students with SpLDs will meet with Dr. Milena Milani. (Date to be defined)
  • SpLD students will meet autonomously with their tutor 
  • There will be some follow up meeting/s with Dr. Milani to monitor the tutoring activity and assure that the match is working.

For further clarification: