World Mental Health Day

In honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10th 2023, Campus Life is offering a hands-on gardening workshop that will help us understand how important it is to foster and develop our mental health, which in many ways is very similar to how we care for and nourish a plant.

In fact, caring for our mental health directly mirrors the nurturing process of tending to a plant. Just as a plant needs consistent attention and care to flourish, our mental well-being thrives when we prioritize its maintenance.

Patience is crucial in both cases. Just as a plant takes time to mature, our mental health journey is a gradual process. Celebrating small achievements, like the plant's new leaf, reinforces the notion that progress is being made.

Calendar and Location

10 October 2023, 6:15 pm — Campus Life space, via Bocconi 12, mezzanine floor.


  • The importance of fostering and developing our mental health.
    Karen Rigatti, Bocconi Counselor

  • Gardening Lab. Growing in pots: from seed to adult plant.
    • brief introduction to growing plants in containers
    • practical demonstration of how to do a pot planting
    • demonstration of how to do a transplanting
    • planting of a spring-flowering bulb in a pot

All materials will be provided by Campus Life

How to participate

Come to the Campus Life space!