Bachelor in Global Law


3 yrs
180 CFU

Developments in the markets and the evolution of society as a whole have engendered a demand for lawyers equipped with highly interdisciplinary competence, who are capable of working in public and private organizations of global calibre.

The Bachelor in Global Law, taught in English, is intended to provide the knowledge and skills that are essential to carry out innovative legal professions increasingly sought for in the international context of institutions, companies, and other organizations.

In particular, the program seeks to:

  • Provide the theoretical and practical instruments of law that enable graduates to carry out a legal profession in the international environment and in the context of different national systems
  • Transmit a highly interdisciplinary knowledge of law, which combines notions of business management, finance, and economics, as well as training in the use of digital technology
  • Pursue an in-depth study of the global dimension of legal issues, in particular as regards:
    • The functioning of institutions and businesses
    • The protection of individual rights in the social and economic context
    • Compliance with legal requirements of both for- and non-profit organizations
  • Use teaching methods based on active participation and experiential learning, including group work, legal clinics, and moot court competitions
  • Develop behavioral and linguistic skills that are essential to operate effectively in an international professional setting, thanks, among other things, to internships and seminars of critical thinking, negotiation, advocacy, legal writing, and public speaking.

The aim is therefore to train young legal practitioners who are interested in an international career in public and private organizations.

Graduates will be able to enter the job market at a junior level in the legal field (for example working as data protection officers, legal counsels, transactional lawyers) or continue their studies at graduate level in law, economics, or international relations (for example by doing a JD, MA, MSc, LLM).

Program Director

Justin Frosini

Italian and international businesses and institutions are demanding an increasing number of junior profiles for the legal professions. They are looking for law graduates who are ready to enter the job market after a first-level degree, who have an international background and are interested in an international career in innovative legal professions.

When you graduate from the BA in Global Law, you will thus be ready to meet the demands of the market right after graduation, if you choose to do so.

It’s a flexible program: you will choose a “law in action” experience, a practical application of theoretical knowledge through an internship or pro-bono legal clinic. You can also tailor your curriculum during your third year and choose your path after graduation. Whether you enter the job market or continue your studies – further developing your legal skills with a post-graduate program or broadening your knowledge with a MSc in the areas of economics and management – this BA is a great start for a successful career.

Why Choose a Bocconi Bachelor?

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Bocconi is about more than just classes

Your years on campus are about more than just the classes you attend: Bocconi and Milan also promote activities focused on culture, sports, art and sharing ideas. They help make your Bocconi experience an exciting time that is key to personal and professional growth.

A Sustainable Campus 

Our campus is a safe, multicultural and lively place, located in downtown Milan. Both its historic buildings and new spaces are integrated into the urban fabric to create an active environment, reverberating with university life. The campus includes a recreational sports center, a large park and a new student residence hall.

A European and cosmopolitan city

Milan is an open, international and multicultural city, a European metropolis full of events and public services with an unparalleled nightlife. It is a renowned symbol of fashion and design, as well as an important financial, economic and business hub.

Once a Bocconian, always a Bocconian!

You become a member of the Bocconi community when you start your program, joining other students, faculty, staff, Alumnae and Alumni. But Bocconi is not only a real community where you spend your days on campus, but also – and increasingly more so – a community you can get to know through our online social networks.

Applying to Bocconi

Applying to university entails a number of steps: at Bocconi we try to smooth the way for international applicants by providing step-by-step instructions for the admissions process.

We support applicants looking for information on admission procedures, fees and funding opportunities with a variety of different initiatives and events.

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