After Graduation

Graduates of this program can access the job market directly as global legal practitioners, in particular working as:

  • Junior officers in public administration, at NGOs or any other third sector national or supranational body
  • Staff members in legal departments (e.g., as a contract manager) or regulation and compliance offices of medium and large organizations
  • Legal advisors for service companies (e.g., licensing and patent advisor, data protection officer, business development, and risk management advisor)
  • Junior analysts at research institutes or think tanks.

 In particular, they will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Recognise legal issues of supranational character
  • Identify – by conducting targeted research – the rules applicable to the legal issues addressed
  • Prepare written or oral answers to the legal issues addressed

Graduates of this program may choose to continue their studies by enrolling in a graduate degree program. They can attend a JD, MA, MSc or LLM in Italy or abroad or apply for a graduate program at Bocconi (such as an MSc or LLM).