IM Global Experience

Director Massimo Magni 


The IM Global Experience program features:

  • a predominantly international class group
  • a mandatory experience abroad, either an internship or a 6-month study abroad program
  • a choice of electives, all taught in English
  • off campus behavioral skills seminars

IM Global Experience addresses the management issues faced by multinational companies in building and leveraging their global presence. Our students will learn the required knowledge and understanding of the management concepts and tools to operate in global contexts.
The class is made up of students from many different countries: this diverse mix of cultures is in itself a learning experience, which allows classmates to deal with multicultural situations on a daily basis.

This program does not offer suggested concentrations; students define their specialization by integrating study abroad programs and/or international internships. This choice allows students to take advantage of all the international and placement offers available and to create a unique study path that will be highly valued by the international job market.

For these reasons, and thanks to the social skills acquired through their extensive experience in working in multicultural teams, students with a strong interest in world affairs, international business, and the connections between them, will find in IM Global Experience an in-depth program that provides the opportunity to study companies in a global context.

Study Plan

In the first year, you will be provided with the fundamental concepts of International Management through core courses and seminars that all feature highly interactive methods and are largely based on individual work as well as teamwork.

In the second year, you will complete your study program by choosing a free track and apply for a study abroad experience. You will also take part in a compulsory internship – in Italy or abroad – study foreign languages and discuss your thesis to demonstrate your research abilities.


First year CP
Semester I  
International finance 6
Principles of business analytics 6
Business Game 2
Performance evaluation and measurement 8
Marketing Analytics 6
Semester II  
Comparative Corporate Law 6
Managing Organizations 6
Global scenarios, Module 1 (Geopolitics and business) 6
Global scenarios, Module 2 (Macroeconomics) 6
Global Strategy 8
Seminar on collaborative competences 2
Total credit points of the first year 62


Second year CP
3 elective courses (free track) 18
Global operations and supply chain management 6
Professional English seminars (lessons + exam) 2
Second foreign language (lessons + exam 1st semester 2nd year) 4
Enhancing Experience - Curricular Supplementary Activities 2
Internship or similar activities 8
Thesis 18
Total credit points of the second year 58
Total credit points 120

Please note that the program structure is subject to change.

The study plan requires two European Union languages. 
More specifically:

1st language: English

  • for all students (regardless of their native language)
  • the main aim is to foster the development of professional language skills

2nd language:

  • Italian for non-Italian native speakers
  • French, Spanish, German for Italian native speakers 


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