Career Opportunities

This MSc program is designed for students interested in building a professional career in a multidisciplinary environment, characterized by original and innovative hybridization between management and technology, who aim to become changemakers toward sustainable development. In particular, two main professional profiles will be developed:


As Sustainability Specialists, graduates will support the sustainable growth and “transformation process” of the corporate business by integrating sustainability into the value chain: Sustainability Specialists help design or improve organizational processes or practices toward sustainability. They will develop and monitor plans for sustainability projects and initiatives, contribute to developing sustainability project goals and initiatives by providing technical and administrative support, in addition to measuring and reporting sustainability indicators and metrics. They will be employed by for-profit companies, not-for-profit or hybrid organizations or public administrations. They may also be entrepreneurs of new business ventures, social enterprises or innovative startups.

In particular, graduates will:

  • Support the design and documentation of the sustainability transformative strategy and roadmap at corporate or divisional levels and/or work cross-functionally with different company functions to actualize the strategy, by encouraging the adoption of innovative solutions, technologies, materials and processes
  • Manage various internal and cross-departmental sustainability projects
  • Report ESG criteria: development, monitoring and reporting of non-financial KPIs and sustainability metrics
  • Act as internal pivot/ambassadors to collect and disseminate sustainability-related best practices and innovative approaches, also for internal/external communication purposes, and manage internal co-ownership of the change agenda
  • Monitor and research trend reports, policy changes and new regulations to identify potential impact on strategy and support the roll-out of related international directives
  • Manage key sustainability stakeholder relations (including international organizations, government, agencies, NGOs, associations and academia) and lobbying activities towards national and international institutions on legislative/public policy sustainability issues impacting the corporate business


As Sustainability Analysts, graduates will contribute to projects that help clients improve their processes or practices toward sustainability, sharing market best practices and designing action plans adapted to the client’s reality. They will support clients in applying tools and methodologies to manage strategies, plans and projects for sustainability, as well as develop ESG and impact evaluations of sustainability projects. They will be employed by consultancy companies, financial institutions or governmental or nongovernmental organizations supporting sustainable development, think tanks, research institutes and academia.

In particular, graduates will:

  • Analyze scenarios and benchmarks and scout policies, best practices and new technologies, while providing support for policy development
  • Support the definition and implementation of sustainable strategic plans to address leading sustainability issues and topics (e.g. climate change, the circular economy, decarbonization)
  • Closely collaborate with investment professionals to perform analyses, producing an informed opinion and supporting fundamental integration of relevant insights related to sustainability in investment decisions
  • Develop Socially Responsible Investment Plans and supporting ESG ratings projects
  • Analyze sustainability risks, economic, social and environmental impact, define ESG KPIs and design monitoring and reporting systems
  • Draft and review Sustainability/DNF Reports
  • Complete ESG due diligence and compliance checks on international principles and guidelines related to sustainability
  • Prepare draft background papers, policy papers, reports and studies