PhD in Economics and Finance

PhD Program Director
Prof. Mariano Massimiliano Croce 

Curriculum Coordinator Finance
Curriculum Coordinator Economics
Curriculum Coordinator Accounting
Mariano Massimiliano Croce
Marco M. Ottaviani
Annita Florou

PhD Administrative Assistant
Angela Baldassarre


Paolo Surico 2009 PhD Graduate Professor  of Economics, London Business School
"Very engaged and committed faculty, caring and stimulating peers. The PhD in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University strikes the right balance between rigorous theoretical analyses, state of the art empirical tools and insightful policy applications. I found this research mix extremely useful for my career, both at policy institutions and in academia".

Andrea Tamoni 2012 PhD Graduate Assistant Professor of Finance, The London School of Economics and Political Science
"Bocconi has instilled in me a deep fascination for finance thanks to continuous interaction with tremendous scholars. The finance faculty is devoted to pushing students beyond their limits with the sheer number of research opportunities available. In all, Bocconi provides a unique opportunity for your development as a leading scholar in the field of financial economics". 

Michela Carlana 2018 PhD Graduate Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
"The PhD in Economics and Finance at Bocconi is a unique opportunity to get exposed to cutting-edge research in economics, inspiring mentors, and solid training. It has sharpened my economic thinking and acted as a springboard for my career in academia. I will never forget my time at Bocconi and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I was given there".


Welcome to Bocconi PhD in Economics and Finance.  

We designed our program for highly qualified and motivated students who wish to acquire world-class research skills and pursue academic careers in economics, finance, and accounting.

The program is multidisciplinary in nature and features three tracks (curricula):
Economics, Finance, and Accounting – linked by a common core.

The program comprises two year of structured course work followed by guided transition into research. Bocconi places high weight on advising, mentoring and supporting students throughout their studies, and especially in preparation for the international job market.

Our PhD classes benefit from the interaction among students from all over the world, with backgrounds not only in economics, finance and accounting, but also other quantitative disciplines such as engineering, mathematics, physics and statistics.

Faculty members are highly performing in terms of international publications and are active members of the international community. They publish in or serve on the editorial boards of leading research journals, such as American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Finance, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Mathematical Finance, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies, European Accounting Review and many others. Faculty members have been and currently are the recipients of prestigious competitive grants (e.g., by the European Research Council and the National Science Foundation in the United States).

The PhD program is designed to prepare and foster an academic career on the international job market. Other career opportunities include central banks, governments and international organizations. In recent years, our students have been hired by prestigious schools and organizations such as: 

  • University of Alicante
  • Boston University
  • University of Bristol
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
  • Harvard School of Public Health
  • Higher School of Economics, Moskow
  • London Business School
  • London School of Economics
  • Toulouse School of Economics
  • Queen Mary University
  • Xiamen University
  • Bank of England
  • Bank of Italy
  • National Bank of New Zealand

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