Study Plan

This program provides both a deep understanding of Data Science and knowledge in Economics and Management: it combines a solid grounding in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science with fundamental training in Economics, Management and Law. The result is a unique mix of hard skills and foundational knowledge

This program uses the study of economics and management to lay the basis of a sound theoretical mindset. That foundation is integrated with computer, mathematical and information processing skills.
During the third year, students will be exposed to advanced subjects on Big Data and databases, advanced economics models of mechanism design and game theory, techniques for marketing analytics and the management of information systems.
They will also have the opportunity to study at leading universities abroad and/or take part in internships in Italy or elsewhere.
Seminars with partner companies provide insights from the real world that will help understand how important people can be in the midst of all this data. As a graduate, your ability to find the right theoretical models for interpreting a problem, and to communicate what you have inferred to different kinds of stakeholders will be the talents that will position you favorably in tomorrow’s data-driven business world.

Please note that the program structure is subject to change.

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