After Graduation

After this program, most students will continue
their studies
with a graduate program. This BSC program may be an appropriate choice for students who would like to complete it with a MSc program focused on Artificial Intelligence, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Finance, and Business, both in Italy and abroad.
Due to its methodological nature, the program also allows to access second-level studies in different fields, in which the analysis of large amounts of data and modelling play an important role.

Students can also access the job market directly, in which case their typical professional profile will be a junior profile, as an
expert in mathematical,
computational, modelling and AI methods
Graduates will mainly work on a
(as an internal resource or an external consultant), possibly supporting senior managers. Graduates will develop and creatively use mathematical, computational, modelling and AI methods for the understanding and modelling of complex realities in applied sciences, as well as in economics and in other fields of social sciences (e.g. finance, management, marketing, accounting, etc.) in which it is necessary to analyze large amounts of data.

Graduates may work at companies,
institutions, research groups
, both local and international, of various size, industry and setting (private/public), characterized by the need of professional profiles who are capable of developing and using mathematical, computational, and modelling methods.