PhD in Legal Studies

PhD Program Director
Prof. Giovanni Strampelli


Curriculum Coordinator

Business and Social Law

Curriculum Coordinator

International and European Law

Prof. Gaia Balp

Prof. Roger Michael O'Keefe 

PhD Administrative Assistant
Raffaella Riente


The PhD in Legal Studies, offered for the first time in the a.y. 2014-15, includes and complements two autonomous curricula which were previously offered as independent PhD programs:

  • The curriculum in International and European Law is held in English.
  • The curriculum in Business and Social Law ("Diritto dell'impresa") is partly held in Italian and partly in English.

When applying, candidates shall choose one of the two curricula.
After a first semester in common, the PhD diversifies into the two curricula.

The PhD in Legal Studies  aims at training scholars capable of conducting critical independent research in the disciplines taught in the program, in particular, methodology and the emphasis on the strong connection between law and economics are key features of this PhD.

The Business and Social Law curriculum ("Diritto dell'impresa") aims to examine the study of business law with an approach combining an interdisciplinary perspective, an international orientation and the analysis of the specific field of law chosen by each student (e.g. corporation, securities, competition, commercial contracts, bankruptcy, IPRs, labor law, white collar crime). The study of law, economics and social sciences complements business and legal studies.

The International and European Law curriculum seeks to foster world-class research on any topic within the two broad subject areas of international law and European law. Potential fields of interest include, but are not limited to, general public international law, international trade law, international investment law, private international law, European economic and trade law, European constitutional law and European social law. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the Department, including by attending and contributing to the organisation of events. In their second and third years, students have, where possible, the opportunity to gain experience as Teaching Assistants. Students are encouraged to network with PhD students from other universities and with speakers on our guest seminar series and at other events. The programme aims to create a vibrant community of young researchers fully integrated into the life of the Department and in this way to contribute to forming the next generation of research leaders.

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