Summer School in Law for University Students

The Bocconi Summer School in Law for University Students will be held online from 8 to 13 July 2024.

Delve into international and digital subjects in law or broaden your knowledge, acquiring a legal perspective on topics with a multidisciplinary approach. Whether you have a background in legal studies or one that’s more technology- or engineering-oriented, you can expand your legal skills and understanding during this intensive, week-long program.

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Open to both undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates, students earn 3 credit points*, taking advantage of Bocconi’s outstanding faculty and campus resources.

Our Summer School is the right move to:

  • Attend courses through an interactive platform, with teaching materials available online at any time
  • Develop your digital and soft skills by taking classes in a highly developed academic environment
  • Study in a flexible program: you can join streaming classes to get the best of interaction with professors and classmates, and rewatch asynchronous lectures to deepen your understanding and focus on specific topics
  • Get to know students from around the world and learn to work with peers from different countries and cultures

* in accordance with the ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System -  on average 1 credit point corresponds to 25 hours of work for student


> Our Course

You can deepen your understanding and knowledge of International Business and Digital Law, studying topics such as Law of Smart Contracts, Online Commercial Arbitration and Mediation, Online Payment Transactions, E-commerce and International Sales of Goods.

Our international faculty for the Summer School in Law includes eminent and world-renowned academics and professionals. They will share their enthusiasm with you, teaching and unveiling conceptual, practical and hands-on aspects on the following topics:

  • Digital and Internet Technologies
  • The Law for Innovative Businesses
  • Digital Startup Law
  • Data Law & Business
  • GDPR Compliance
  • IP Law for Digital Products and Services
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robot Law: Who Is Responsible for What? Digital Lawyers
  • The Digital Single Market Strategy
  • Antitrust Issues in Digital Markets
  • Algorithms and the Case of High Frequency Trading
  • Digital Directors
  • Digital Consumers
  • Business Lawyers in the Digital Era
  • Digital Judges and Arbitrators
  • International Business Arbitration
  • What Role for Ethics in the Law? 
  • Digital and Business Ethics
  • Ethics and the Legal Professions
  • How to Become a US lawyer? How to Become a UK Lawyer?
  • How to Become an EU/International Organizations' Lawyer?
  • Law and International Development: How to Become Lawyers of Success in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries


Our program will feature close interaction between students and faculty, with numerous applied sessions, allowing participants to effectively use the skills they develop during the Summer School.