Career Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Role in a work setting

Graduates will advance the science and technology of intelligent systems, and design, develop, test and deploy AI models. Responsibilities may include performing or supporting the following activities:

  • managing the AI development process and creating software infrastructures to facilitate the building and deployment of AI models
  • designing, prototyping, training and evaluating machine learning systems
  • encapsulating existing AI models into Application Programming Interfaces that other applications can interact with

Skills associated with the role include proficiency in AI modelling techniques and Machine Learning frameworks and models; the ability to develop, test, and debug software systems using modern programming languages and frameworks; the ability to abstract and model a real-world problem; and creative problem solving.

Possible workplaces:

  • Research and development divisions of public or private firms and institutions in diverse industries
  • Business Intelligence units of public or private firms and institutions
  • Technology consulting companies