IM Asia - ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree

Director Ariela Caglio


The ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree is a two-year MSc program in International Management delivered jointly by Bocconi University and ESSEC Business School (France).

The new global environment offers challenges never seen before. The ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree program is designed to create a community of future managers with a global mindset, with a direct exposure to foreign markets and who will adapt on the fly to cultural differences.

This innovative program gives students the unique opportunity to study in three different locations: the Bocconi Milan campus (Italy), the ESSEC Singapore campus (Singapore) and the ESSEC Cergy campus (France).

By studying in multiple countries, campuses and continents, participants will have the chance to experience dynamic learning environments, gain deep insight into both Europe and Asia and acquire key aspects of leadership such as cross-cultural competency and critical thinking. Participants will enjoy a rich combination of core and elective courses, an internship, and will gain research experience while completing their final dissertation.

The Double Degree program will be open to 25 ESSEC and 25 Bocconi students every year. At graduation, students will receive the Bocconi University MSc in International Management degree and the ESSEC MSc in Management degree (Grande Ecole). 

Study Plan for Bocconi Students

The curriculum of the ESSEC-Bocconi Double Degree program is designed to build students’ management and analytical abilities as well as deepen their knowledge of Asia and global affairs. All participants share a core curriculum that builds connections and serves as an anchor for the rest of their studies. In addition to the core curriculum, students choose elective courses from a variety of subjects both at Bocconi and at ESSEC.

The first year of the program takes place in Milan at Bocconi University (first semester) and in Singapore at ESSEC Asia Pacific (second semester). Students will attend core courses and seminars focused on the fundamental aspects of International Management. Furthermore, since Italian is a required second foreign language for non-Italian native speakers, international students can also benefit from interactions with their Italian classmates.

The second year of the program takes place in Milan at Bocconi University (first semester) and in Cergy at ESSEC (second semester). Students choose elective courses in fields such as finance, strategy, marketing, management, to individualize their academic experience both at Bocconi and at ESSEC. They will also complete the final dissertation to conclude their academic curriculum.

This program also offers students the possibility to do a summer internship, between the end of the first year and before the start of the second year, in Singapore. Students may arrange an internship on their own or reference the job portal for available intern opportunities

Main topics:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Business Law
  • Human Resouce Management
  • Economics & Society
  • Business Analytics

  • 2 compulsory courses
  • 5 elective courses
  • Curricular Supplementary Activities
  • Foreign Languages (two languages):
    • First Foreign Language: English
    • Second Foreign Language: Italian for students who are not Italian native speakers
  • Internship (compulsory)
  • Thesis

Please note that:

  • The study plan may be subject to slight variations decided by the competent bodies.
  • The total number of credits needed to obtain both the Bocconi and ESSEC degrees will be greater than the number of credits required to obtain the Bocconi MSc degree alone (120 CP).
  • The thesis must be discussed only at Bocconi University.
  • The Bocconi degree must be awarded before the ESSEC Business School degree.
  • The ESSEC degree, in accordance with the Business School policy, will be issued after 12 months of job experience (internship included).