After Graduation

Most graduates in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication continue their
at the graduate level; graduates may also have direct access to the labor market. 

Graduates may work in the management of creative and cultural institutions and companies, working in: marketing and communication; sales and distribution; administration, planning and control, financial management; and planning, organization and management of events.

Skills include interpreting artistic languages and analysis of the cultural dynamics in today's world and their impact on social relations; analyzing markets, sales, channel and management of consumers with particular reference to communication, creative and cultural institutions and companies; and preparing and analyzing financial statements, planning and management control, and related legal aspects such as copyright and trademarks.

Career opportunities for graduates may be at small, medium and large enterprises; public, private and non-profit companies; companies providing goods or services related to areas of social issues and art, culture, communication, show business, sport, tourism, fashion and design and media and digital media or starting an entrepreneurial initiative; startups.