PhD in Business Administration and Management

PhD program Director         

Prof. Remus Ilies

Management Curriculum Coordinator

Marketing Curriculum Coordinator

Prof. Luisa Gagliardi
Prof. Sara Valentini

PhD Administrative Assistant 

Marialuisa Ambrosini


The PhD Program in Business Administration and Management offers training in a variety of disciplines related to management studies (with a curriculum in Management and a curriculum in Marketing) and emphasizes the skills necessary to integrate different approaches and develop coherent and cutting-edge research.

This 4-year full time program provides a collaborative, supportive and intellectually stimulating research environment for discovery and dissemination of scientific knowledge applicable to the business community. Students will develop the theoretical and methodological skills required to participate and publish at the highest standards of the international scientific community.

Our first-year students attend eight common compulsory courses and four courses in their curriculum. In the second year, our students mainly choose a series of field and elective courses, and begin developing their own research. The third and fourth years are entirely dedicated to research and dissertation development.

Faculty members are leading scholars in their fields. They contribute to the international debate by publishing in and serving as editors, associate editors and editorial board members of leading research journals in Management and Marketing. Visiting professors from top international schools complement our permanent Faculty.

The PhD Program in Business Administration and Management was established in 1995 and directed by Salvatore Vicari from its foundation until 2001, by Anna Grandori until 2002, by Alfonso Gambardella until 2008, by Gianmario Verona until 2012, by Arnaldo Camuffo until 2016, by Andrea Fosfuri until 2020, by Mario Amore until 2023. Remus Ilies is the current program Director.

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