Study Plan

The program focuses on a broad range of international managerial topics and business functions, such as marketing, organization, technology, accounting and many others.

The program structure starts with a similar curriculum basis as many of the other Bachelor of Science programs, thereby giving you a rigorous training in the key subjects, though always aiming for an international perspective. While attending core courses, students study public and private organizations working at a global level, the main business functions (marketing, organization, technologies, finance, etc.) and strategic business management in an international context.
The last part of the program is made up of 2 elective courses (one of which may be substituted with an internship) and the final report.
During their last year, students may study at leading universities abroad and/or take part in internships in Italy or abroad, thus broadening their knowledge through courses and activities which are not included as part of the standard curricular subjects.

Please note that the program structure is subject to change.

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