WBB Experience


The World Bachelor in Business cohort of approximately 50 students study at three universities located in major economic and cultural centers. Each year students move to a new continent, learning about and adapting to new living and study environments. They are supported through services available at each university, tailored to meet their needs as WBB students during this unparalleled experience.


Residential life is an important component of a university education. This is particularly crucial for WBB students. All students can apply for accommodation in university housing at each location, offering them the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world, understand different cultures and adjust to the local community. All three universities provide various residential hall options both on and off campus.


Since WBB students may face challenges due to the complexity of working with three different universities and the uniqueness of the academic structure, each school provides specific support to assist WBB students moving from one campus to another, both from an academic and administrative point of view. WBB faculty advisors are also available at all schools to help students choose courses and make plans that best fit their career aspirations.

Social Activities

Extracurricular opportunities and on-campus activities designed specifically for the program are available at each school. The unusual composition of WBB class groups and the program’s structure mean the group will spend a lot of time together, inside and outside the classroom.

Career Services and Placement

WBB graduates are well positioned for careers in a broad range of areas in the private and public sectors, in addition to their own entrepreneurial initiatives. In order to help students successfully launch their careers, each school endeavors to identify specific internship opportunities for WBB students. WBB students also have access to career development activities at each school.

Three Top Universities, One Great Experience

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business

Students begin the program at the University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business, located in Los Angeles, CA, US.

Los Angeles is a global force in industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment and communications to real estate, biotechnology and green design. 

USC Marshall puts students at the heart of Los Angeles and Southern California, providing connections to the people and places that make LA one of the nation’s gateways to the global economy.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The second year of the program takes students to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, located in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, a major global financial and business center, is a commercially vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse. Situated at the heart of Asia, the city has one of the largest foreign exchange markets in the world. It is also rated as the world's most competitive economy. Home to many of Asia’s biggest media players, the territory has one of the world’s largest film industries and is a major center for broadcasting and publishing.

Bocconi University, Milan

The third year of the program takes student to Bocconi University, located in Milan, Italy.

Milan is Italy’s international economic and financial hub, as well as a capital for fashion and industrial design. Living here, you will soon understand why the city is famous among Italian cities for its fast pace and hardworking can-do attitude. The town center is a showcase for Milan’s history as a regional capital of the Roman Empire, a powerful medieval Duchy and Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance home.

Bocconi is a leading European university of international standing with a long tradition of excellence. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for research and teaching, as demonstrated by improving placements in top international rankings.

We offer a very dynamic study environment, with students and faculty coming from 80 countries. International programs from BSc to PhD taught in English, and emphasis on research at all levels. You'll live in a modern urban campus, fully equipped with up-to-date resources and facilities, providing a variety of cultural, social and sporting activities.

We have strong connections with the global business community and the international job market, including a solid network of alumni in many countries.