Summer School for Master Students

Bocconi Summer School for Master Students will be held from 1 July to 19 July 2024.

We’ll offer two courses on campus in Milan. Pursue your areas of interest or try out something new!

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You can choose one of two courses, focusing on either Finance or Management.

Both courses are taught by Bocconi’s outstanding faculty: our faculty conducts research at the cutting-edge of various areas of the social sciences, which is increasingly interdisciplinary and strategic. The resulting innovation, knowledge – and further research horizons – then spill over to become the focus of our teaching.

During your course, you'll have the chance to get to know students from around the world and learn to work with peers from different countries and cultures. This will give you a taste of the multicultural and international environment that is one of the key features of our community.

Prof. Francesca Romana Rinaldi

The course will allow you to understand the characteristics and dynamics of the fashion industry, and the impacts generated by the most recent drivers of change: sustainability and digitalization. Sustainability has become a key success factor to compete in the fashion industry and will be even more relevant in the near future, given the new requirements coming from the regulatory scenario. The topic of sustainability will be examined as a new model for integrating the ethical and aesthetical dimension with the economic one, for the creation of a new competitive advantage. Digital technologies are essential enablers for the sustainable and circular transition: AI and IoT, blockchain, recycling technologies, waste management platforms, Digital Product Passports and 3D printing are just some examples of leading technologies which will be presented during the course.
Students will be engaged during the course through individual and team assignments, in-class discussions and company visits. The teaching method involves the use of business cases and the presence of guest speakers, representing the various professional roles in the sector: entrepreneurs, managers, creatives, suppliers, manufacturers and consultants. In-class discussions will allow the students to be up to date with contemporary managerial topics and will support the development of critical thinking skills.

Prof. Antonio Salvi

The course aims to provide students with the key tools to successfully manage the different technical phases in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and develop their skills in the design and evaluation of these transactions.
By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the strategic and financial rationale of a deal, carry out a financial analysis of the parties involved in the transaction, understand how to value a potential target, and understand how to finance an acquisition.
The course holds that success in M&A is defined first and foremost in the creation of economic value and also in terms of outcomes such as enhanced financial stability, improved competitive position, strengthened organization, enhanced reputation, and observance of the letter and spirit of laws and ethics. 
The course offers the training needed to participate in the valuation and structuring of acquisitions, divestitures and complex equity financings. In pursuit of this mission, this course focuses on different relevant issues (fiscal, legal, financial and managerial) through the extended use of guest speakers and case studies. The course is useful for students who are considering careers in investment banking, management and strategy consulting.