Program Evaluation

Graduate job

Considering the BEMACS
graduates whose post lauream placement is known (71 out of 88)*, 85.9% chose to
pursue studies. 100% of the remaining (10 out of 10) declared to have a job one
year after graduation.

* Data refers to a.y.
2020-2021 graduates (2023 survey).

Graduating students - satisfaction for the Study Program

91.4% of BEMACS students who graduated in 2021-22 academic year declared they were satisfied with their Study Program.

Outcomes of graduating students’ evaluation on the Study Program (in Italian only)

Attending students - satisfaction for teaching

82.2% of students who attended courses offered in 2022-23 academic year are satisfied with the way the courses were carried out (grades from 6 to 10 on a 1-10 scale).

Analytical results of the teaching evaluation programme

Aggregate outcomes of students’ evaluation on teaching - program level (in Italian only)