Vibrant Campus Life

Your years on campus will be an exciting and crucial time not only for your academic and professional growth, but also your personal development.

In recent years, the campus has evolved to increasingly focus on sustainable issues and the safety and wellbeing of our community. 
Located close to the city center in a safe and vibrant area, the campus is woven into the urban fabric of Milan.

The newest area of the campus includes a student dorm, a new location for the business school, plus a sport center.

You will find any number of opportunities to express yourself through your interests and passions on our campus.

Are you a musician or do you have an artistic streak? There is a grand piano in the main hall of the Via Sarfatti building that can be freely used. It is quite normal, and very pleasant, to hear someone playing during the day! There are also acting and improv courses, a Bocconi Choir and a Bocconi Jazz Band, as well as other extracurricular options for artistic, musical and theater activities. 

Are you athletic? Bocconi Sport organizes a wide variety of options at a competitive, university or amateur level, allowing you to play your favorite sport year-round. The Bocconi Sport Center features two swimming pools, a fitness area, an elevated running track and the Bocconi Sport Arena - a multifunctional facility for practicing team sports like basketball, volleyball and five-a-side soccer. 

Maybe you are a deejay or a video maker. If so, head straight to the Student Media Center, which is home to the student-managed radio station, web TV channel and newspaper.

You can also participate in wellness and leisure activities, or get involved in student associations and volunteering. The Campus Life office is a point of reference to discover all the opportunities available and find the ones that match your interests.

Gruppo di studenti on campus