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It is a highly specialized and prestigious program tailored for a select group of legal professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of the intricate legal dimensions of internet technology.

This program offers an exclusive opportunity for a limited number of students to delve into the complex world of technology law in a unique international environment. The partnership has established a Dual Program that allows students to get both an Italian 2nd-level Specialized Master in Law of Internet Technologies and an LLM in Law, Innovation and Technology issued in the UK.

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    Dual program: one semester at Bocconi; one semester at King’s College;
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    Limited enrollment and highly tailored experience;

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    Cutting-edge curriculum: an unmatched level of expertise;

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    Elite faculty: unparalleled insights and mentorship.

This LLM is taught by a faculty made up of the most renowned experts and practitioners from leading international academic institutions around the world and international law firms, as well as from businesses and governmental authorities.

The program is divided into 5 compulsory courses and 4 elective courses.

The 5 compulsory courses will be attended at Bocconi University, whereas the 4 elective courses are taught by King’s College.

Elective courses tailored by King’s College London:

Competition, Intellectual Property & The Media Industry

Electronic Commerce Law

New Technologies, Digital Age and Consumer Law Challenges

Copyright & The Music Industry in The Digital Era

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Technological Advances and Legal Challenges

Cyberspace Law: ‘Big Data’, Algorithmic Governance and Democracy

Law & Policy of Financial Technologies

Practical Activities
Students may complete a curricular internship consistent with the educational objectives of the LLM in the final part of the program. Alternatively, students may choose a “clinical work”, a short-term assignment by an external partner focusing on specific subjects. They may also choose to complete an individual research paper (final thesis).

All courses take place from September until May and all practical activities take place at the end of the courses.

The program awards 60 ECTS credits in total.

This exclusive program typically requires applicants to have a distinguished academic and professional record in law or a closely related field. As admission is highly competitive, applicants must demonstrate exceptional commitment to and potential in internet technology law. A rigorous selection process may include stringent academic criteria, extensive professional achievements, and rigorous interviews.


(3:00 pm Italian time)


(3:00 pm Italian time)

23 November, 2023


14 February, 2024

7 March, 2024

14 March, 2024

Admission Criteria

  • > 2nd level degree (law studies or eventually other fields of study in case of significant experience in the issues covered by the program)
          >  UK degree - final grade: at least second class honors: upper division 2.1
          >  Italian 2nd level 5-year degree in “Giurisprudenza” or 2nd level 2-year degree in “Scienze Giudiriche”
          >  other non-UK or non-Italian second-level degrees
  • > English proficiency: at least level C1 (advanced)

Tuition and fees for the 2024-2025 edition are €19,000.

Fees are payable to Bocconi in four installments as follows:

  • > I installment - advance: € 2,500 – on enrollment (this sum is not refundable if, after having completed the registration to the program, students decide not to attend the program anymore). Please be aware that while settling the I instalment you will be asked to pay an extra €32.00 as Italian tax on University fees.
  • > II installment: € 5,500 - 10 October 2024
  • > III installment: € 5,500 – 10 November 2024
  • > IV installment: € 5,500 – 10 December 2024

Please note that the tuition fees paid are non-refundable.

Fees are payable to King’s prior to the start of semester 2 and during semester 2. The instalment schedule will be confirmed soon.


Graduates of the Dual LLM Program in Law of Internet Technology are exceptionally well-positioned for elite career opportunities in the field, including prestigious positions within top technology law firms, coveted in-house counsel roles at leading tech companies, and influential roles in government, academia, and global organizations shaping the future of technology law.