Yongwei Nian

Field: Economics

Research Interests: Development Economics, Political Economy

(Expected) Graduation: June 2024





Email: yongwei.nian@phd.unibocconi.it

Phone: (+39) 348 6124341


Curbing Bureaucratic Information Manipulation

Bureaucrats are often incentivized to manipulate information, which may
have real consequences. Leveraging China's 2009 reform punishing economic data
manipulation and counties' quasi-random reform exposure, I provide rich causal
evidence showing that the reform led to: (1) a decrease in GDP growth
manipulation amounting to 5% of reported GDP growth, driven by a reputational
discipline effect; (2) an increase in local officials' development effort
manifested in both policy changes and downstream impacts, consistent with an
effort reallocation effect. These results thus highlight the far-reaching costs
of such manipulation and the welfare implications of curbing it.


Nian, Y. (2023). Incentives, penalties, and rural air pollution: Evidence from satellite data. Journal of Development Economics, 161, 103049.

Nian, Y., & Wang, C. (2023). Go with the Politician. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 15(2), 467-496.


Virtuous Leaders and Government Corruption, with C. Shen and Z. Zhou

Reciprocity and State Capacity, with Y. Luo and M. Zhang