200 Hours Work-Study Program

Bocconi University implements work-study opportunities offering its students the opportunity to work inside the University, according to art.11 of law 29 March 2012 no. 68.

These activities may be connected to services offered by the University and exclude teaching activities, the undertaking of examinations or activities that imply the assumption of administrative responsibilities.

The work undertaken will not in any way constitute formal employment and will not result in any evaluation for the purposes of undertaking any role at Bocconi University or for participation in open employment competitions.

Students may not work more than 200 hours during the academic year 2021-2022 (November 2021–October 2022).

As foreseen at art. 11, comma 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree no.68/2012, for participation in work-study opportunities, students will be selected considering both merit and economic requirements.

of 200 Hours Work-Study Program

200 Hours Work-Study Program activities are addressed primarily to students enrolled in AY  2021-2022 in years after the first of a Bachelor, Master of Science and Integrated Master of Arts in Law programs who are eligible for ISU Bocconi Scholarship for AY 2021-2022 and who have shown interest in 200 Hours Work-Study Program for 2021-2022 a.y.

Deadlines and methods for 2021-2022 AY

The avaibility to complete 200-hours collaboration, which may be requested by Bocconi University only if necessary, must be communicated through a specific expression of interest for carrying out these activities.

This interest can be expressed by completing an online application procedure for an ISU Bocconi scholarship for the 2021-2022 a.y.

After the deadline for applying for 2021-2022 a.y. ISU scholarship, interest can no longer be expressed for completing a part-time 200-hours collaboration fo the 2021-2022 a.y.

Please note that an expression of interest is not binding and does not affect eligibility for an ISU scholarship.

of work-study positions

In accordance with art. 11, comma 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree no.68/2012, allocation of work-study positions will follow a ranking established with the same criteria as the ones foreseen for the ISU Bocconi Scholarship ranking for non-first year students, as indicated at art. 10 of ISU Bocconi Scholarship application requirements and regulations AY 2021-2022.

On the basis of the ranking list formed by the Fees, Funding and Housing Office, eligible students will be contacted by the Faculty & Staff Administration, starting with the first student in the ranking and continuing with second and subsequent, until exhaustion of available positions.

Students selected must sign an act of commitment in two copies - one for the Office and one for the student.

The person in charge of the office requesting the student support is responsible for supervising the work undertaken by the student and for the coordination of the work.


The hourly rate, tax-exempt pursuant to article 13 of law 2 December 1991 n. 390, is determined annually by the University Board, depending on University budget availability. For 2021-2022 academic year the hourly rate is € 8,00.

of the Work-Study position

At the end of the period indicated on the student’s commitment, the work activity will finish without further communication. There is no implicit renewal.

The work activity will automatically stop after graduation or withdrawal from Bocconi, or if what indicated in the “cancellation of the work-study position” paragraph occurs.

Cancellation of the
work-study position

If during the working period, any problems occur or irregularities concerning the student’s position and activity arise, the Faculty and Staff Administration may:

• suspend the work-study position;

• cancel the work assignment.

If the student incurs disciplinary sanctions greater than a written warning for infringement of Bocconi University regulations, his/her work assignment will be cancelled.