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Self Help Resources

Esistono diverse risorse che possono rivelarsi utili per affrontare le sfide che ci si pongono dinanzi e per sentirsi meglio riguardo alla propria situazione attuale e al futuro.

Ti ricordiamo che se desideri confrontarti su questi o altri te i con un professionista, puoi prendere un appuntamento con il servizio di Counseling in qualsiasi momento dell'anno. Per maggiori informazioni visita questa pagina.

Le risorse elencate in questa sezione non devono essere intese come una guida di riferimento e non sono in alcun modo da considerarsi definitive. L'Università non è responsabile del contenuto dei link esterni.

The following resources may be helpful when thinking about any challenges that you may be facing and what you can do to address these.

We remind you that if you need support, you can take an appointment with a team counselor at any time throughout the year. For more information see this page.

The resources listed within this section are not intended to be used as a reading list and are by no means definitive. Some resources may be more helpful than others as different resources suit different individuals.
The University is not responsible for the content displayed on external links.

Managing anxiety

Anxiety affects all of us at certain times in our lives, however, in times of crisis our anxiety levels can increase, this is a natural reaction to the stressful situation that we all find ourselves in.

These resources will allow you to reflect on your own anxiety and explore some ideas and strategies to manage anxiety more effectively.


Relationships are a big part of our lives. They can offer fun, love, pleasure, excitement and support. However, they can also be complicated, creating feelings of anguish particularly if they go don’t go to plan.

University is a place where relationships can feel a strain. This is common for many reasons including you as a student going through personal change, the difficulties in dealing with long distance relationships or the intensity of living on campus together.

Self-care and healthy habits

Self-care is an essential life skill and must be prioritized in order to maintain positive wellbeing. Self-care is about looking after yourself and making sure that all of your needs are fulfilled. Good self-care means taking positive steps to nurture and develop yourself physically, emotionally, socially, occupationally and spiritually.

However, we will all come across times when we particularly struggle, when something doesn’t go how we wanted it to or when our relationships negatively impact on us. During these times, it is especially important to take active steps to comfort and care for yourself.

Healthy Eating Habits

Prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle are at the foundation of physical and mental health, even for young people and students.

In this section, we address the following topics:
> Eating awareness: How to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle
> Prevention and risk factors: how to idenitfy possible alarm bells of an eating disorder, starting from the healthiest lifestyles.


Time management

Whether you're a fresher or a third-year student, planning your academic life can be difficult and lead to stressful and anxious situations.

This section includes advice for all students and also help with time management, procrastination, perfectionism, study skills, writing, research and passing exams.

Adjusting to a New Life

In order to have a good start to your university experience, it's critical to have certain practical information and tools that will help you get organized academically in an efficient and focused way, enhance your study methods, and assist you in the development of rewarding interpersonal relationships.

In this section we address these topics to help you begin this new chapter on a positive note, and with new ideas to reflect upon. We also focus on the topics of adaptation and adjustment, not only from an academic standpoint, but also a cultural one.



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