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Movision Film Productions (MVSN)

Movision Film Productions (MVSN) is an international student film studio launched in 2020. We bring together students who love cinema, filmmaking, and everything in between, with objectives of developing cross-cultural competence, community building, and creative experimentation. 


Our mission is to provide Bocconi students with an opportunity to pursue their passion for cinema, the film industry, and everything in between. We produce films ranging from shorts to even feature length films, made by our members from scripting to screening. On top of productions, we include other activities such as publications, screenings, and podcasts.


MVSN’s thesis is to learn by doing – our productions operate on a format of project-based teams, where internal mobility is made as frictionless as possible. This provides our members with the possibility to learn, teach and develop in the area of their choosing, simultaneously facilitating a creative process from a multitude of perspectives. 

Film is - and will always be - storytelling; what is it that you want to be seen on the screen?


President: Patrik Lamberg - patrik.lamberg@studbocconi.it
Vice-President: Desi Petrova - desislava.petrova@studbocconi.it

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