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Bocconi Students For ESG

Bocconi Students For ESG arises from our belief that, in order to preserve the future of companies and even more that of the planet and the global economy, it is essential to be able to include the ESG extra-financial principles in order to achieve a development that is more and more sustainable and consistent with the peculiarities of a constantly changing environment.

We therefore believe that it is strongly necessary to stimulate knowledge and interest on this subject, especially in an influential environment such as the university one, so that the ruling class of tomorrow knows how to behave in a world in which caring for ESG issues is becoming and will become more and more preponderant and dutiful.

We will aim to carry out a real deepening study on sustainable development and on how it can be integrated into a financial or business model and into legislation.

Email: as.students4esg@unibocconi.it

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